Netical Patch™ Testimonials

Ron Hakala of Atlanta, GA says: "My sister Ginger, in Ohio, told me about this product that was about to launch. I had had major knee surgery 18 months ago. I am a tennis professional and my knee will never be the same, but it was hurting so bad after playing one night, I seriously considered quitting the game. It was so stiff I could not walk up the stairs. My order of Netical Patches had arrived that day so I stuck one inside my knee brace and sat down to watch TV for the evening.
It was only about an hour later that I decided to get something in the kitchen. I got up and immediately knew that something was "freaky scary". This could not have knee was suddenly better than it had been in the past 18 months! It was more flexible than when I was doing physical therapy and all the pain was gone! I'm not sure what happened, but its been 3 weeks now and it still feels good!   

Beth Molino of Columbus, OH says: "I have had several knee surgeries in the past several years. My knees are now both bone on bone from arthritis eating away at my bones. I have been on pain killers for several months to help with the pain. It is especially bad on rainy and cold days.   
I saw the article in the paper about the nettle patches. I ordered some, put a patch on both knees and left them for 3 days. I was out of pain within 8 hours. As I said rainy days are very bad for me and the first rainy day did not effect me at all. Still no pain, and walking fine. I would recommend them to anyone."  

Trevor, age 70, says: "I have total motion control! It's Fabulous! Magnificent!" after only 7 minutes of wearing the Netical Patch! Trevor had suffered with extreme discomfort especially in his right shoulder and to a lesser degree in his left one. Before the Netical Patch application he stated:"I don't even want to try and raise my shoulders higher or for much longer or they will be very sore tomorrow." After the application of the Netical Patch, he had regained total motion control!

Francis, age 76, says: had been suffering from a torn rotator cup since he had been involved in an accident when he was only 58. Almost in tears he said:"Don't touch my shoulder! My doctor says that my shoulder should have surgery." After his first treatment he said: " For the first time since the accident I can raise my arm over my head with no pain!"

Joan, age 61, says: "The pain is gone, what did you do?!" Prior to using the Netical Patch, Joan could not raise her right arm without a lot of discomfort. Within 15 minutes all of her discomfort was gone and she had full motion of her arm! 

Karen age 58, says: "Everything is healed! Thank you over and over again!" With just one treatment, Karen's heel spur was gone. No surgery required. Her podiatrist was simply amazed and had to admit that something worked. She told him it was due to Netical Patch!

Don, age 58, says: "My cut is completely healed and I am excited about all of the possibilities for Netical Patch treatments!" Don had a bad laceration on his right knee at least 1" long and very deep. After just one treatment there was only a minimal scab and scar tissue where the cut had been.

Paul, age 46, says:"You've solved my pain problem! I can walk now without any pain!" Paul was suffering from severe discomfort and aches in the heel of his left foot. With just one treatment his problems were relieved and his walk was spry once again!

Marita in her 50's, says: "It's wonderful. I can't thank you enough!" With the application of the Netical Patch to her ankle, Marita was able to stand and walk with no ache or discomfort!

Bob, age 51, says:"I can't believe the incredible results. It's simply wonderful!" Suffering from severe muscle discomfort in the top part of his right foot was a daily occurrence. With the first use of the Netical Patch he had regained 70-80% of his mobility. With repeated use he was able to walk with no discomfort at all! 

*Results may vary with individual user and type of ache, swelling and discomfort. 
*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease.